The leading name in chemical and medical industry


Cemidco is a leading specialize company who provide and offer complete sets of solution for the chemicals and hospital industries. This company further offer comprehensive kind of consultancy and providing know-how for the chemicals, petrochemicals and environmental preservative companies in India and abroad.

Cemidco has experience of two decades in directly dealing with trading of industrial grades chemicals, laboratory grades chemicals, lab furniture, glassware’s and consumables and with complete sets of hospital major and minor equipment’s and its furniture along with no how and consultancy in installation, commissioning and calibration for the chemicals, petrochemicals and environmental preservation companies.

Cemidco offer niche applications of industrial grade chemicals, laboratory chemicals which is analytical grade, lab grade, general Reagents, glass wares and lab equipment’s solution with highly competitive price.
Cemidco has extensive experiences and offered the range of hospitals equipment’s and its furniture on affordable price. Cemidco feel pride to get on board group of highly qualified medical professionals, Ph.Ds. with years of industrial background are working in chemical and petrochemical industry last twenty years.
Cemidco has diversified business interest by offering hospital equipment’s and complete sets of hospital furniture.


We offer complete sets of solution to chemical and hospital industries. Cemidco offer ranges of industrial chemicals and various grades of chemicals, laboratory glass wares, laboratory equipment’s ( Gas chromatograph, HPLC, TOC, UV-Visible spectrophotometers ,ICP, AAS along with minor equipment like viscometer, Karl fisher, sieve shaker, moisture balance meters and pH Meter). Cemeidco’s another major business is to provide and offer complete sets of hospital furniture’s and equipments. Cemidco offer wide range of world class comprehensive consultancy for the installation, commissioning and calibration of chemicals, petrochemicals and environmental preservation companies across the country and abroad.

Laboratory chemicals

Industrial Grade Chemicals

Know-how and Consultancy

Hospital Equipments



♦ 2019 : Cemidco is the sole authorized distributor of NYS.ARI Technology company china.

♦ 2019 : Signed MOU with leading manufacturing company of chemicals and hospital solution as single source distribution in India to become singe source distribution.

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